The Anxiety Reset Podcast

Available on iTunes or Spotify.

The Anxiety Reset Podcast is where we share cutting edge ideas and deep discussions to support you in finding more freedom, calm and control in your life with Georgie Collinson, Anxiety Mindset Coach, Gut Health Expert and Nutritionist.
Available on iTunes and Spotify.
The Anxiety Reset Podcast Reviews:
“The best holistic and real support for dealing with anxiety”
“Georgie has a fantastic way of approaching all that comes with living with anxiety. She’s personable, real and I love her holistic approach. This shines through in her podcast and with her guests on the show. Highly recommend!”
— ANMason
“Everyone needs Georgie!”
“Georgie came into my life at a time where I was basically at breaking point. My anxiety was high and mood was so very low. My body was fighting a battle and everything was a blur. Finding her on Instagram was a blessing and her new podcast brings that same magic and knowledge. I love that I can listen and learn from her while driving, cleaning or just chilling out at home. She has a way of speaking and explaining things that just makes you believe in yourself, that makes you calm. I’m excited to see the podcast guests she brings on her podcast, knowing that everything will be gold and so so valuable to my ongoing journey with anxiety, self acceptance and living a calm and confident life. Thank you for all that you do.”
— Amanda F
“Love love love!”
“Georgie’s vibe is amazing and she is full of knowledge that I wish I’d known sooner!”
— MissDoolz.