The Anxiety Reset Program

Reset Your Anxious Mind In 90 Days.

“What if you could work directly alongside me following the complete road-map that I use to guide my clients towards phenomenal results for their anxiety?”

– Georgie


Learn to switch that anxious thinking on mute. Georgie will guide you with her unique Anxiety Reset Method to put fear in the back seat and YOU in the driver’s seat.


This unique whole body approach to managing anxiety considers all aspects of you. You’ll learn how the gut impacts your anxiety and how to optimise your digestion, step-by-step.


Georgie is a bachelor-degree qualified gut health expert, nutritionist and anxiety mindset coach. She helps her clients achieve phenomenal results with her Anxiety Reset Method, a holistic mind, gut, lifestyle and body system.


Learn to approach your anxiety as a healthy, natural mechanism in your body, telling you that something is out of balance. Get to the underlying meaning behind your anxiety.


You’ll access exclusive trainings LIVE each week, where Georgie can answer questions, work through your unique problems and personally guide you on your journey to calm.


No more putting things off, getting in your own way and days with your mind racing at a million miles per hour, yet you find you’re getting nowhere. Find focus and calm.


Learn how nutrition impacts your mood and anxiety and what foods you can eat to keep you calm. You’ll receive exclusive recipes that follow the principles of Georgie’s Anxiety Reset Method.


Learn to stay afloat with practical tools, even when life throws it’s biggest curveballs. You’ll learn to ride the waves of your anxious feelings instead of struggling beneath them.


Anxiety and hormone imbalances like PMS often go hand-in-hand. Whether you get worse anxiety before your period, sore breasts or intense cravings, this holistic program assists you in balancing your hormones.



PART ONE: Training Bundle

COMPLETE 90 DAY Road-Map to anxiety-free living

– 60 minutes of weekly training videos + brain-training audio tracks

– A holistic focus on mindset and your physical health

– Downloadable notes & worksheets to assist your learning

– Simple, actionable steps that fit in with your life

– Practical skills & tools to support you for a lifetime

– Guided meditations, audio tracks and breath work exercises to replay again and again

– How to choose the right foods and nutrition for calming anxiety

– How to heal your gut for better anxiety resilience

PART TWO: Community Support

You’ll have full access to our incredible online community, which is exclusively for fully committed program members. This is a space where you can receive peer-to-peer support as you approach each week’s focus topic.

You’ll be able to share your story and hear from others like you. You need like-minded people around you to support you in your journey to calm and keep you accountable. Accountability is so important as you move forward through the program.

Connection and community is a massive part of the healing and we ensure that this space is for the most engaged and enthusiastic members.

PART THREE: Live Coaching

You’ll have access to LIVE coaching video chats each week with Georgie where she can answer your questions, work through your unique problems and personally guide you on your journey to calm to ensure effective, lasting results. You’ll experience exclusive training material tailored to the needs of the group and overcoming your biggest hurdles.

Georgie pours her heart and soul into these sessions, offering you exactly what you need. She’s helped her clients achieve phenomenal results for their anxiety, and she will guide you with the utmost care so you can experience a calmer life and take back control.

BONUS SUPPORT: You can email Georgie throughout the program so she can answer your questions and offer more individual support, as you need!

*Must Watch* LIVE From Last Round

“One of the best things I could have done for my anxiety”

“This course is one of the best things I could have done for my anxiety. I have never come across something like this that supports all possible aspects of anxiety, and coming across this has been for the better. Completing this course over the 90 days has really helped me to fully support my anxiety and give me lifelong skills in order to support it for life. I feel that I have really improved my resilience, and I know what to do if I ever get to that anxious place again. Georgie was nothing but supportive, inspiring, and has a beautiful soul. I cannot thank Georgie enough for the support she has given me over the last 90 days. It has been invaluable.”

— Jess S.

I joined this program because I experienced really bad anxiety in 2019… My anxiety has gotten much better again, most days it’s not even there. I love that if I start to feel it I will remember something from the course and put it into practice immediately. I would tell someone who is on the fence about the course to just do it. I love the lifetime access so if anxiety ever rears it’s ugly head I can go back to this & have immediate therapy basically. I also have loved Georgie’s support via the fb group and email.

— Anna T.

“This is the growth and self development I have been yearning for for so long.”

— Tamara H

I left the program equipped with a huge range of holistic tools to apply in my life moving forward beyond the 90 day period – from movement, to nutrition tips, to balancing my hormones, to gut health, and more. She encouraged us to create healthy changes, without imposing diet culture or rigid rules. My favourite part of the program was the mindset component, when Georgie shared tangible tips to rewire our subconscious minds and thought patterns to create true, lasting changes for our anxious minds. I loved the guided meditations and listen to them daily. The concept of having a mental health resiliency shield has transformed the way I view my own mind, and has allowed me to have compassion for myself in my life. Even thought the program was a financial stretch for me, the knowledge I’ve gained has been truly worth the investment.

— Paige J.

“One week in and I already feel like I’ve made more progress than I had with anything else I’ve tried.”

— Annabelle M.

Ready To Reset Your Anxious Mind?

Online Trainings, Support & Live Coaching.

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