The 1:1 Balance Program



So you want to work with me one-on-one. First steps? Fill out the application form and you will be contacted for a free discovery call with me when spaces open up to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

What is Balance?

Balance with Georgie Collinson is my premium 3-month private coaching program, tailored to exactly what you need to fast-track you into the truly balanced life you’ve been working so hard to achieve. You’ll become the master of your anxious mind.

We’ll meet weekly online via Zoom where we will unravel your old belief systems, overriding self doubt and the inner critic, deepen your trust in yourself and your intuition, and unlock a steady state within of accepting yourself as you are.

We’ll review your schedule and daily rituals, heal your gut, increase your energy levels and balance your hormones – whatever comes up that you need to bring your body into balance, we will address. The program includes evidence-based nutritional medicine and herbal medicine with a key focus on diet, thought patterns and lifestyle changes. Your busy lifestyle is taken into account to streamline the process, however you will need to commit to following through with various written, audio and physical exercises as part of our action plan.

I will push you to feel at home in your next-level state of confidence, reduce the drama of your life, and ultimately, find that balance so that together, we can ensure the vision you have for your life – in business, health, emotional wellbeing and relationships – becomes a reality.

You’ll be my top priority, with access to weekly one-on-one sessions with me each month, support tools, audio tracks, meditations and video trainings designed to bring to life your own concept of balance. We focus on aspects of your mindset and physical health, to make consistent, lasting and achievable changes.

Is this you?

I work with high-achieving, perfectionist-type women who predominantly work for themselves or have some choice around their hours of work and home life, who are feeling stressed and anxious, overworked and under high pressure and determined to find more calm, flow, self-trust and balance through supporting their health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

THE JOURNEY: during our weekly 75-90 minute VIP sessions, I will:

Phase One – ANXIETY RELIEF: In our first 90 minute session, you’ll receive guidance around the tools best suited to you to relieve uncomfortable feelings of anxiety. This may include a combination of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, practices and exercises.

Phase Two – PHYSICAL IMBALANCES: Next, we’ll find out if there are any major physical health imbalances contributing to the anxiety and set up a plan to address them. This may include additional laboratory testing, such as microbiome mapping and salivary hormone testing. We consider:

– Gut Health: a plan to repair the gut lining and optimise your digestive system, as the gut impacts the health of every system in your body.

– Hormone Balance: symptoms like PMS, period pain and irregular periods will be addressed. You’ll understand and learn how to take advantage of the changes that take place in your monthly cycle.

– Nutritional Status: eat for feel-good, mood-boosting brain chemicals, and nourish your body for better concentration and energy

– Sleep: any difficulty sleeping will be thoroughly addressed, and sleep habits will be optimised.

Phase Three – LIFE SYSTEMS REVIEW: We conduct a full life systems review, building a supportive structure to your life, so the day-to-day routine becomes smooth and flowing. This is about:

– reducing unnecessary stresses in the running of your life

– crafting smarter rituals and routines to optimise your productivity

– creating a sustainable work life so you can keep striving for your goals

– aligning with what truly matters to you in your day-to-day life

Phase Four – EMOTIONAL RELEASE: I’ll help you release deep-seated emotions and traumas that are keeping you anxious and weighing you down. You’ll learn how to process your emotions efficiently and confidently, whenever you need for the rest of your life. Emotions help our nervous system to calm and reset.

Phase Five – REPROGRAM YOUR MIND: Using RTT Hypnotherapy, an award-winning modality that targets the subconscious mind and leaves you feeling full to the brim with love. We reprogram the fear-based, limiting beliefs at the root of your stress and anxiety for life. In some cases, we can work with physical conditions too, like skin, immune conditions, low energy levels, sleep and hormone imbalances. Some examples of limiting beliefs we may work with include:

– I need to be perfect to be loved / to be safe

– There’s something wrong with me

– I must always be productive or I’m lazy

– I don’t deserve lasting love / money / good things to happen to me

– I’m not good enough / smart enough / attractive enough

Phase Six – CREATE YOUR HIGHEST VISION: Now that you can see beyond your limits, together we will clarify, develop and design your highest life vision. This is some of the most exciting part of the work we do. It’s about asking: What do you really want your life to be? This is an opportunity to dream, allowing your imagination to go bigger and brighter than you ever thought possible, all with my guidance and support. We use a desire mapping process that aligns you with your values and core desired feelings, so the vision we create really sets your heart on fire. You’ll be so excited for what’s possible for you in your future.

Phase Seven – PRACTICE OF SURRENDER: Finally, we practice spiritual surrender and listening to your inner guidance system. This is a process that guides you towards the ultimate liberation. Living life from a state where you can trust the chaotic journey with your heart wide open to the wonder of it all.


INVESTMENT: US$4497 with monthly payment plan options.


SUPPLEMENTS: Any supplements you require are organised through a courier service and delivered to your door. A shopping cart will be emailed through to you. All you need to do is click through and check out. Your order will arrive within 3-5 working days, depending on your location. I have services for Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Europe and the UK.

TESTING: We may discuss further investigation using clinical lab testing, as appropriate for you, which may include:

  • Gut microbiome mapping
  • Saliva hormone testing
  • Nutritional blood analysis
  • Hair mineral analysis

Your test kit is delivered to your door with detailed instructions. Your sample is posted to the nearest lab, and your results are sent directly to me. We will go through your results together in a consultation where I’ll share my screen with you so you understand every aspect and be able to ask questions as we go along.


You are unlocking the love in me that’s been buried underneath a cloak of betrayal and sadness… and I’m so very grateful you are guiding me”

— Virginia R.

“Here lies a whole world of opportunity and growth. All you have to do is jump in and learn that the only limitations you have, that prevent you from being successful, are in your own mind, and you can overcome them. You can have total freedom and the ability to live your best life. Do it! I treasured my time!

— Kaylee S.

I really cannot put into words how much you’ve helped me. Before we started working together, I didn’t have a period, my gut health was all over the place and I was riddled with anxiety … Now I feel more empowered than ever.”

— Simone P.

“I have experienced a huge change on a physical, mental and emotional level. I started this process feeling quite a sad and victimised, asking myself “what did I do to deserve this pain, I’m a good person???” I suffering from anxiety and negative thought patterns. Through this experience, I was able to put myself back into my deep seated pain, bring it to the surface, heal it and let it go. I am out of the victimhood feeling and I am starting to feel really empowered… I’m more hopeful now and I feel more aligned in myself than I have probably in my whole life. ”

— Madee B.

When we started I felt like life was dragging me along, literally pulling me through each day, constantly throwing one thing after another at me and unable to find the joy in any of it. I felt confused by living a life that was what I wanted and not wanting anything to change but yet not having joy, and a deep sense that something ‘was not right’. Reflecting now the Anxiety has faded into the background, it feels like it was a screaming noise and now it feels faint and distant although not entirely gone, volume goes up at times on it but I notice that and can take action to turn it down. I was also so wrong in thinking it was something that I managed well, high functioning anxiety! I recognise now that it was impacting my life significantly more then I even realised. Life still gets ahead of me but I can stop it now, I don’t allow it to pull me along. I trust that I am in control that I set the speed and the how for each day. I feel truly that sense of no longer life happening to me but for me.”

— Melissa L.