My Story

How I learnt to reset my anxious mind.

After my parents’ divorce in my late teens, my world was shattered and anxiety entered my life in a big way. I was constantly bracing for the next crisis to turn my life upside down. I felt compelled to plan every moment of my life and the future. I was a serial procrastinator. And I couldn’t shake the anxiety that would start from the moment I woke each day, buzzing through my gut even when there wasn’t any clear reason for it.

I just wanted to feel peaceful. I used to dream of what that would feel like…

I spent years working on myself, seeking out all the healing I could find and learning how anxiety stems from a multitude of different causes, both mentally and physically in the body.

I read loads of books. I travelled the world. I explored numerous therapies that might help me, including counselling, psychotherapy, yoga, acupressure, journalling, hypnotherapy, sound healing, meditation, reiki, shamanic healing in the jungle of Costa Rica, breath work, gut health, nutrition, genetics and spirituality.

I found a combination of these therapies to be the most effective anxiety treatment for myself and others and yet I never found everything wrapped up in one succinct package. This is why I decided to make that happen with my Anxiety Reset Method. I’ve taken the best from my own experience, university training, clinical research and coaching clients to provide you with what I’m proud to call the most all-encompassing anxiety program out there.

These days, my life truly feels fun and the anxiety is gone, 90% of the time. When it does pop up, I know just what to do. It passes by with ease, and I can get on with my day.


I’m an Anxiety Mindset Coach, Naturopath and Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science. My training includes counselling, clinical research and teaching meditation. I’m with the Australian Natural Therapists Association, a professional body that only accepts fully trained, high quality health practitioners.

Where Am I Based?

I have lived most of my life in Melbourne, Australia. I love spending time by the beach on the Mornington Peninsula. My location changes from time to time, as I operate 100% online. My life is constantly moving around, which is why I love working with a global online community.

Work With Me

You can access more of my material for free in the Anxiety Reset Community Facebook Group.

I facilitate my life-changing Reset Your Anxious Mind In 90 Days program with only two intakes per year. This is the best and most affordable support I can offer you, as the twelve weeks of the program guide you through your own unique path of healing. If you’ve missed out on the most recent intake, you can always sign up for the next round.

We can also work together via my Private Program “Balance”, where we can tailor a plan just for you. As a private session client, you are my top priority and get access to training videos, guided meditations, audio tracks and direct message support beyond our 75 minute sessions.

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