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You don’t have to live with out of control anxiety.

See, you are not simply an anxious person. Anxiety is not you. You are not different, or oversensitive, or weak. Anxiety is not something that runs in the family that you’re just stuck with.

Anxiety is something to listen to and welcome in. A perfectly healthy warning signal that something is out of balance.

Georgie is a bachelor-degree qualified gut health expert, nutritionist and anxiety mindset coach. With her complete mind-gut-lifestyle Anxiety Reset Method, she helps her clients achieve phenomenal results.

You’ve never seen an approach that explores your mental health with this level of detail before, from the food you eat, to the bacteria in your gut, the genes you’ve inherited, to the thoughts you think.

Discover how to rebalance your health and reset your anxious mind.


Georgie shares her favourite recipes, latest research exploring mental health and anxiety, positive inspiration and mindset messages to set you up for the week.


  • Working with Georgie has been amazing, healing my gut and decreasing my anxiety. I’ve been suffering in both those areas for years, and for the first time I’ve been able to manage all of the symptoms and have a better quality of life. To fully understand that I am what I eat and feel has changed the way I behave and deal with my feelings.

    Mariana R.
  • Working with Georgie for my anxiety was life changing. She took into consideration my overall health and identified contributing factors which I had never considered previously. We implemented little strategies in my day to day life which allowed to me to manage my anxiety with more ease than before. Georgie does everything with kindness and compassion and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

    Lucy J.
  • Georgie has drastically calmed my anxiety by delving into my lifestyle and overall health. Assessing your health and seeking help can be very overwhelming but Georgie has provided me with manageable treatments and helpful tools that have made me more in tune with and reduced my anxiety, eczema and gut health.

    Madeleine C.
  • Working with Georgie was so much more than simply getting my health back on track. In each of my sessions, Georgie gave me permission in my busy world to give back to myself and take a moment of self care. Georgie is accessible and gentle in her approach. Georgie will nourish your mind, body and spirit and show you that you too can have the confidence to be present and authentic with yourself and all those around you.

    Bronwyn T.
  • This is one of the best things I could have done for my anxiety. I have never come across something like this that supports all possible aspects of anxiety, and coming across this has been for the better… I feel that I have really improved my resilience, and I know what to do if I ever get to that anxious place again. Georgie was nothing but supportive, inspiring, and has a beautiful soul. It has been invaluable.

    Jess S.

Georgie hosts an amazing free group on Facebook, The Anxiety Reset Community. Request to join us for candid discussions, support from anxiety warriors like you, live chats from Georgie and even more anxiety tips.